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GEO International Targeting

As more and more businesses take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by the World Wide Web to expand into global markets, it’s more crucial than ever that sites are properly optimised for international search. The harmful effects of having the wrong content introduced to users in organic listings cannot be underestimated. If your French content rankings in the Spanish SERPs, you will see diminished click-through rates, increased bounce rates and finally, your conversion rates will endure together with the consumer experience of your visitors!

Hreflang tags are little snippets of HTML code that allow webmasters to signal to search engines which language(s) and area (s) that their website is targeting. They also suggest alternative variations of the content that may be more appropriate for your search engine to serve. Hreflang tags are also helpful to eradicate issues of copy content that has the potential to arise when you have very similar content in exactly the exact same language that’s targeted to distinct locations. By way of example, you could have separate, but very similar, content targeting English speakers in the united kingdom and English speakers in the US.

These tags have a powerful influence on Google’s choice as to what content should be served up to international users. How do we know that? Well, there is abundant proof that the wrong, or complete lack of, implementation of these little snippets of code could result in the wrong content being displayed in the international SERPs. Given that incorrect implementation of hreflang tags can cause havoc for your international targeting, it’s crucial that you get it right.

In order to confirm whether or not your website’s hreflang implementation (or lack of) is the offender, it is definitely worth checking in Google Search Console to determine if any problems have been flagged. If Google have discovered a Issue, You’re going to receive the following error message:

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